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Chez Jacki is defined as a place where art, music and savoir vivre à la française meet together in party experience the magic takes effect. | D V N C E - I G X L VIDEO TRAILER announcing series of A/V warehouse collaboration with !K7 records & Jacki. X-MIX 20 years dance art. News From 18:00 till 23:00. Chicos en pomada, "El vivo al baile y el muerto hoyo" bone braking afro-Colombian night. ‘Serious’ eccentric ... HOYO CDR platform for airing new ideas, works progress, unreleased songs, remixes edits sound-system oriented environment. That s CDR! This autumn one most vibrant names history techno returns: X-MIX, audio/visual mix pivotal to ‘90s scene, back. premiere

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